Music4Learning is a community of teachers sharing great music ideas for the classroom.

Music makes a real difference to learning - try it!

Music4Learning was created from the successful website www.icanteach.co.uk originally launched in 2007. Thousands of teachers worldwide have contributed to the success of the site and we work closely with schools, teacher training institutions and researchers in the field of neurology to make sure our playlists have a real impact in the classroom. Every track has a rating and a series of comments to help teachers find ideas for using music.

Music can boost creativity, productivity and concentration. Extensive research suggests the right music can have positive effects on behaviour across all ages, improving outcomes and raising standards. 

Marcus Cherrill, founder of I Can Teach Ltd and Music4Learning strongly believes that music can make a difference. "My classroom experience has been vastly improved with the use of music. The importance of wellbeing for teachers and students is vital and music can really make a difference."